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Apparel Benefiting Mental Health Initiatives

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Keeping Your Head in Mind


Your Impact

That's right! 10% from every purchase goes to a variety of mental health initiatives.
Mental health doesn't discriminate. It effects everyone no matter their age, sex, race, religion, or location.

Our headwear provides hope & compassion to yourself and to others in need. We provide gear that is masterfully crafted. Every stitch counts. We want you to look your best, and our apparel is the perfect finish to your everyday fit.



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100% Amazing

“Mental illness does not discriminate. People from all walks of life are afflicted by mental illnesses. You wouldn’t tell someone with a broken bone or body part to ‘snap out of it’. So why do we use this kind of language for people dealing with mental distress?” 

-Alex Bosenberg (2020 Psych Nurse of the Year, Beth Israel)

Perfect Fit

"With one size fits all hats and comfy shirts, I feel great knowing the positive impact I'm making on mental health"

No Brainer

“Stigma around mental health even exists within the mental health profession.” 

-Anonymous Mental Health Practitioner

A Feel Good Cause

These hat fits like a GLOVE, and I love that
my money is going to current and future generations.

Kevin in Cali

Helpful for me and my tribe

I not only have a great hat, but more knowledge around mental health, how to have conversations with my friends and family, AND I'm giving back. Some of the discounts and suggested apps were helpful too! I'll be back to see the next seasonal collection for sure.